Press Release
September 20, 2012

Senate adjourns, passes 197 bills

The Senate adjourns today for a two-week break after having passed 197 measures of national and local application, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said.

Of the bills passed by the Senate, six measures have been signed into law, Enrile said. These are the Anti-Cybercrime Act (RA No. 10175), The Data Privacy Act, People's Survival Fund, An Act Authorizing Clerical or Typographical Errors in Birthdate or Sex of a Person Without Need for Judicial Order, An Act Reviving the Observance of Arbor Day, and The Act Reapportioning the Province of Cotabato into Three Legislative Districts.

He said two measures are pending in the Conference Committee, namely, the Househelper's Additional Benefits and Protection Ac and the Involuntary and Disappearance Act while the Bicameral Conference Committee of the AFP Modernization Program has been adopted and is awaiting for the approval of the President.

According to Enrile, the Senate also approved on 3rd reading 86 measures, among which are the Meat Labeling Act, The Philippine Interior Design Act, The Department of Housing and Urban Development Act, Strengthening the Career Executive Service as well as The PNP BJMP and BFP Height Equality Act. These bills await the concurrence of the House of Representatives.

Enrile said the Senate passed on 3rd reading 102 measures that have been submitted for approval of the President. Those measures are for the creation of additional trial courts, elementary and national high schools.

The Senate will resume its sessions on October 8.

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