Press Release
October 15, 2012

Statement by Senator Franklin M. Drilon on the signing of a framework agreement between the Philippine government and the MILF

"Let us give peace a chance. The signing of a framework agreement between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is a historic event in the country's long quest for lasting peace in Mindanao."

"Finally, we are close to achieving a just and lasting peace for the people of Mindanao. I congratulate the government and the MILF, as well as the other parties involved in making this peace pact possible, for their efforts to finally put an end to decades-long armed conflict in Mindanao."

"This peace agreement is being done within the framework of the Constitution and is characterized by transparency and proper consultations with the people of Mindanao."

"The institution of just and lasting peace in Mindanao is a key to a successful implementation of socio-economic programs and to addressing the high poverty incidence in the entire region."

"The signing of the peace agreement will help solve delays in the implementation of infrastructure projects and fast-track government's efforts to boost and upgrade agricultural, tourism and commercial infrastructures in Mindanao."

"In the proposed budget now being deliberated upon in Congress, we have allotted P258.4 billion for Mindanao. In the P165.6 billion 2013 budget of the DWPH, 26.4 percent of it, equivalent to P43.72 billion will go to Mindanao to ramp up the construction of roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects in Mindanao."

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