Press Release
November 8, 2012

Senator Loren Legarda's Statement on President Obama's Re-election

"The re-election of President Barack Obama reflects the desire of the American people to extend his mandate in order that he may continue to move forward the agenda of change he committed to deliver to the American people.

"As an ally and strategic partner of the United States, these developments signal a continuing effort to deepen our relationship with America.

"President Obama, in his "pivot to Asia," has shown his desire to engage more actively with the countries in the region. We should respond accordingly by strengthening our alliance with the United States with the end-view of addressing the strategic interests of the Filipino people.

"The region is facing enormous challenges in the face of territorial disputes in the area. The last thing we need is unpredictability in our relationship with our strategic partners. President Obama's re-election also provides predictability in terms of America's strategic focus in the region."

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