Press Release
December 4, 2012

Legarda to Present Anti-Trafficking Bicam Report

Senator Loren Legarda is set to report today before the Senate the Bicameral Conference Committee report on the proposed Expanded Anti-Trafficking Act.

Legarda, Chair of the Sub-Committee on Anti-Trafficking and sponsor of Senate Bill No. 2625, said that she hails the prompt action of all the parties involved, and looks forward to the immediate enactment of the strengthened anti-trafficking measure.

"The problem of human trafficking continues to hound our society, and this is the reason for the need to strengthen the existing law. The proposed measure that has been approved by the Congressional Bicameral Conference Committee imposes more stringent penalties, including provisions on accessory liability," she remarked.

She explained that the present law, R.A. 9208, does not have a provision on pre-empted trafficking, but this new law covers attempted trafficking and accessory or accomplice liability, thereby covering under the mantle of the law those individuals who have any involvement in human trafficking.

"I hope that that the measure will be signed by the President in time for December 12, or the day of awareness and vigilance for the countless victims of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a problem that can and must be solved, and it is high time to make another bold and positive stride in our fight against it," Legarda concluded.

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