Press Release
January 11, 2013

Legarda Elated Over Success of Best School Forest Park
Program, Urges All Schools to Create Forest Parks

A day after awarding the winners of the nationwide search for the Best School Forest Park, Senator Loren Legarda encouraged other schools and learning institutions to create their own forest parks as their contribution to environmental protection.

Legarda is happy with the success of the program, part of her vision in founding Luntiang Pilipinas in 1998 to make urban communities and the entire country greener and safer.

"I laud all the schools that joined this program because their participation is proof of their desire to help young people better appreciate trees and the environment in general. I encourage all other schools, including private universities and learning institutions, to create forest parks within their schools and in their communities," she said.

"I congratulate all the finalists led by the grand winner, the Cauayan City National High School, because not only did they plant trees but they also successfully complied with the criteria--sustainability, creativity and aesthetics, number of trees or seedlings planted based on size of site, and community involvement in planning and supervision of the park," she added.

Legarda said that Luntiang Pilipinas, which she founded, has drawn partnerships with various government agencies, private businesses, schools and universities, and non-government organizations in its aim to create more forest parks in the country while educating the youth on environmental protection. She thanked the Department of Education, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of Agriculture for joining hands with Luntiang Pilipinas to make the program a success.

"Luntiang Pilipinas firmly stands at the forefront of the crusade for environmental protection and preservation, especially with the devastating effects of climate change. I urge every Filipino to help mitigate the threats of global warming to our health, security and life by caring for the environment," Legarda concluded.

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