Press Release
February 6, 2013

Transcript of ambush interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the National Land Use Act

SP: Kailangan pag-diskusyonang mabuti 'yan. Maraming mga taong tatamaan. Kailangang pag-aralan mabuti.

On the AMLA Amendments

Q: Sir, satisfied kayo sa final version ng AMLA?

SP: Okay na sa akin 'yon. If we have to revise it again, we can do it in the next Congress. We have produced enough compliance with the requirements of the FATF.

Q: Sir, di ba parang stricter provisions po ang gusto nila, na mas maraming covered institutions...

SP: We have to go slowly. Some other countries have different circumstances. We are complying with their request but we have to go slowly and study along the way. If there's a need to expand it, then we'll expand it.

Q: Sir, what made you change your mind? Di ba before, sir, steadfast kayo sa position na you don't need to abide by FATF?

SP: No, the only reason I said that was because in the first time, we were being rushed. They said, "Better do this or you'll be downgraded." So, I said, "Don't rush us. If you have to downgrade us, so be it." But we have to comply with our commitment.

On the bills passed by the Senate

Q: Sir, last day niyo na po ngayon, so far, satisfied po ba kayo sa mga naisabatas ng Senado?

SP: Oo naman siguro. We have done the major legislations that we have to do now. We cannot do everything in one congress.

Q: What's the most important piece of legislation that 15th Congress enacted?

SP: Everything is important. The most important, I do not know.

Q: Despite 'yung mga controversies, sir?

SP: We have differences of opinion. That's common. In any parliament, there's always a wrangling in any law-making body. I was talking to a Spanish writer last night and he was telling me about the problem of the famous leader of Europe. The European Union is having a problem also there. Natural lang 'yon.

Q: Sir, there is a World Bank official who said that the Philippines is Asia's rising tiger. Are you convinced?

SP: We have been an Asian rising tiger ever since. Hindi ba sinabi ni Secretary De Ocampo 'yan?

Q: So that's nothing new?

SP: That is our expectation always. But as of now, we are growing. You can see that that is visible now. Growth alone is not enough. It must go down to a wider level of the people because the growth is concentrated among the affluent members of the society. How about the poor people? 'Yung mga mahihirap, paano 'yon? Ang dapat objective natin ay lumago ang ekonomiya, lumago para sa nakakarami. Para lumago sa nakakarami, kailangan ang trabaho. Job creation ang importante. Hindi 'yung figure lang. Dadagdagan mo nga, wala namang trabaho 'yung iba. Kailangan ang hanap-buhay ng nakakaraming Pilipino para maramdaman nila 'yung pag-angat ng ekonomiya. Kung 'yung growth na 'yon, pupunta sa negosyante, bangko, malalaking korporasyon, mayayaman, hindi pumupunta sa mabababang tao, hindi mararamdaman ng bansa 'yon.

Q: Sir, 'yung amendments ng Juvenile Justice Law makakalusot ba?

SP: It is in the level of the bicameral conference committee.

Q: Sir, 'yung CamSur?

SP: CamSur was approved on second reading last night. So, when we come back in June, we will enact it into law. Hindi na kasama sa 2013 election 'yan.

Q: Sir, pwede sa last two days na lang?

SP: Why not? Even today, we can pass a bill on second reading. Kung natapos namin then it will become available for third reading when we open in June. That session is the end of the 15th Congress.

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