Press Release
February 18, 2013


"Last year's economic growth rate was a huge economic milestone for the nation and the administration ticket will make sure that its effects trickle down to the poor," Senator Alan Cayetano said today in a statement.

"We all want the poor to feel the effects of economic growth. Personally i want lower prices, more jobs and higher income for our countrymen. But UNA is wrong in its criticism of the economic achievements of the administration because the trickling down of the effects of economic progress takes time," Cayetano emphasized.

"Since the start of the campaign, I have been going around the country talking and listening to fishermen, flower vendors, market vendors and workers. They are unanimous in their support for President Aquino and his anti-corruption agenda and believe that they will soon feel the effects of economic growth," Cayetano explained.

Cayetano said that the very reason why he ran under the administration ticket is that he and PNoy share the same vision. "I was one with PNoy in fighting against the corruption of the Arroyo administration. I am one with him in the next stage that our democracy must achieve: economic progress that is felt by the people," Cayetano explained.

"The government CCT program has also yielded tremendous success, vastly increasing the beneficiaries from 800,000 under the previous administration to 3.8 million under the present administration," Cayetano added. "now that we have achieved economic growth, we must all work together to uplift the day to day concerns of our people by lowering prices, creating better jobs and increasing wages."

Cayetano is running on the platform of Presyo, Trabaho, Kita or lower prices and increased jobs and wages for the poor.

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