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March 13, 2013

Senator Alan Cayetano launches a campaign like no other

A wholesale solution to the country's problems? This is what Senator Alan Cayetano proposed at the Grand Launch of PTK: Presyo, Trabaho, Kita at the Taguig City University (TCU) today.

Cayetano explained that now that the country is benefitting from the efforts of the Aquino administration to end graft and corruption, it is now time to tackle the problems plaguing those Filipinos who have yet to feel the effects of the 6.6 % GDP growth enjoyed by the country.

"Their problems are centered on three things PTK: Mataas na Presyo, Kawalan ng Trabaho, at Kakulangan sa Kita. These are what we need to solve to make sure that all Filipinos are able to feel the country's economic growth," he said.

Cayetano said that these top three concerns of Filipinos as he heard them from his listening tours cannot be resolved piecemeal but must be addressed all at the same time. "Suportahan natin ang inumpisahan ni PNoy. Kailangan i-expand yung ginawa niya. Tapos, makinig sa tao. Pakinggan yung problema nila," he stressed.


Cayetano said that as he went around country he realized that people voiced out not only their problems but also the solutions to their problems. "Gagamitin ko ang mga solusyon ninyo dahil kahit na alam ko ang mga problema ninyo, mas alam ninyo ang mga problema ninyo at ang angkop na solusyon dito," he said.

Cayetano revealed how intends to address the peoples' concerns based on what he has heard from his series of Listening Tour discussions with various sectors of society. These include market vendors, flower vendors, tricycle and jeepney drivers, fisherfolk, constructions workers, coconut farmers, strawberry farmers, furniture workers, rice farmers, senior citizens, typhoon victims, informal settlers, and various cooperatives

The senator started out his campaign by going around the country on what his team calls "the PTK Listening Tour", listening to various sectors of society affected by high prices (mataas na Presyo), limited job opportunities (kawalan ng Trabaho), and minimal income (kulang na Kita).


Cayetano presented his plans to achieve economic prosperity that is felt by every family. To address concerns related to Presyo, he called for a decrease in gas prices.

To address concerns related to Trabaho, Cayetano proposed to tackle the twin problems of unemployment and underemployment by pushing for an increase in infrastructure spending to create more jobs and by promoting an education for employment program. "Better education translates to better jobs," he said.

To address concerns related to Kita, Cayetano said he plans to end the need for 5-6 lending by increasing business owners' access to capital. "Panahon na upang maging enterpreneur-friendly ang bansa natin. 5-6 ang problema. Kailangan may pangpuhunan ang mga tao," he said.

Cayetano noted that despite the difference of concerns these sectors presented, what was consistent about their concerns is that the people do not feel the benefits of the surging economy. "This is certainly problematic to our developing country. We need to address issues related to PTK: Presyo, Trabaho, Kita if we truly want to move forward as a country," he said.


Cayetano detailed how during the start of his Listening Tour the problem of lack of access to capital of small and medium enterprise (SME) owners kept coming up. Market vendors, flower vendors, strawberry farmers, and others, including SMEs are burdened by onerous interest rates, which in effect, precludes them from earning enough income to answer for their everyday needs.

"Since acquiring to credit start businesses is difficult, these vendors are compelled to borrow capital from 5-6 operators. In turn, they are made to suffer paying off debts, rather than eventually emerging from poverty," he said.

Cayetano stated that in response to this, he has been consistently calling on the government to increase SME owners' access to capital to stop these business owners from borrowing from 5-6 operators who charge with steep interest rates. He also proposed allocating P500,000 for each province to support small businesses.

"This way, we can help business owners emerge from poverty and in turn improve the overall economic status of the country," he said.


Cayetano also detailed how local industries such as fishing, farming, furniture making, and shoe making among others were also suffering from the lack of government support. "These industries are slowly dying. If we don't help them, who else will?" he asked.

He said that increased access to capital-lending program supplementary to the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program would again help sustain and bring life to these industries. Strengthening existing cooperatives, as well as establishing new ones, supported by the government will also help keep these industries afloat.


The 3,000-person strong audience consisting of Filipinos from the youth, senior citizen, women, and blue-collar workers sectors, among others attended the event to support Sen. Cayetano in his call for the enactment of legislative solutions tailored to fit the true needs of Filipinos.

The featured 360-degree stage symbolizes that he is not the star of this campaign, but rather the Filipino families are. The event was set in Taguig City because of its sentimental value to Cayetano - this is where his dream of a new hope for the country started. Senator Alan stressed his belief that the fight for good governance and a good life for every Filipino family should be at the core of public service just as it was when his father taught him to dream for a better Philippines.

The launch was a simple gathering where the Filipinos he has helped stepped forward to share how their lives were changed by Cayetano's dream of a Philippines filled with a bagong pag-asa - Typhoon Ondoy and Sendong victims who shared how Cayetano has helped them rebuild their lives through his livelihood rehabilitation program, students given the chance to achieve their dream professions through his educational assistance grants, and patients who got a second lease on their lives through his medical assistance program, among others. They are the ones to introduce the senator because they know him best as their public servant.

Even the performances by the talented Pilipinas Got Talent Season 1 Grand Champion Jovit Baldivino, and singers Julie Anne San Jose and Ella Cruz show the success each Filipino is capable of achieving if their needs are fully addressed. Cayetano's brother, television and movie director Lino Cayetano who is also a congressional candidate directed the event.

"It's time we show the country that a service-focused campaign can be done. It's time we make this campaign not about politicians but about Filipinos - the people we are truly fighting for," he said.

Cayetano assured the people he has heard them and that he will do his best to pass laws that will particularly help our people achieve the goals of PTK. "Tapos na ang panahon ng tingi. Kailangan wholesale ang pag-unlad. Kailangan lahat tayo. "Magtulungan tayo. Dahil posible nang umasenso," he said. "Sama-sama nating lalabanan ang PTK: Mataas na Presyo, Kawalan ng Trabaho, at Kakulangan sa Kita!" he concluded.

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