Press Release
May 2, 2013



Sen. Loren Legarda (Nationalist People's Coalition) lamented the continued misinformation campaign against her, stating these were all part of black propaganda meant to pull down her consistent top ranking in election surveys. Legarda was reacting to a smear online campaign alleging non-disclosure in her Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN) of a piece of real property in the United States.

"Hindi po ako magtatago sa anomang anomalya dahil ako po ay naglilingkod ng tapat sa bayan. Isa po itong black propaganda dahil di po ako natitinag sa pagiging number one," she added.

In an interview, Legarda said, "The certification I have in my hand, prepared by my lawyers, is clear: The Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN) I filed in June 30, 2007 includes the New York property subject of the black propaganda, described as 'Other Investment' in Annex A, in the amount of P 7,175,000 equal to one-fourth of the total investment in the acquisition of apartment amounting to P 28,700,000. Beginning December 31, 2007 up to December 31, 2010, the same property was also included on the SALN described as "Equity in Real Property", also one-fourth of the total P 28,700,000. As of December 31, 2011 and December 31, 2012 the New York property was also included in my SALN described as "Real Property-USA."

Legarda said it is deplorable that people, possibly even some fellow candidates, could engage in such gutter politics, diverting people from the real issues.

"It's political season and I have survived to answer clearly all the black propaganda hurled against me. I challenge the source of all this to come clean. I ask other candidates to stick to what we as candidates can do to address the problems facing the country," Legarda said. "Hindi po sila nakuntento sa pagkalat ng mga kasinungalingan, ngayon ito po ang inimbento. Lahat po ito ay walang katotohanan at handa po akong humarap sa kahit kanino. At ipagdadasal ko nalang po sila," Legarda said.

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