Press Release
June 24, 2013

Cayetano: We must now work together even harder
to fight the injustice of poverty

Reveals PTK legislative agenda to fight high prices, lack of jobs, and low income

"Poverty is the greatest injustice we face as a people. Solving the problems related to PTK - Presyo, Trabaho, Kita - is the only way to end it."

This was the resounding message given by Senator Alan Peter Cayetano as he was sworn into office today by outgoing Representative Eduardo Gullas at the University of Visayas (UV) Main Campus in Cebu City today.

In front of an audience filled with Filipinos from all walks of life, Cayetano recalled his 90-day campaign journey marked by his PTK Listening Tour - a consultation with the different sectors of Philippine society about their livelihood woes that brought him to over 40 places in the country from Ilocos Norte to Zamboanga

"I have not only listened to our problems but also to the solutions you offered to address rising prices, lack of jobs, and low income," he said.

Cayetano explained that while the President and his programs to bring growth to the country is commendable as evidenced by the 7.8 percent GDP growth, the fact still remains that 8-9 percent of Filipinos are unemployed and about 20 percent are underemployed.

Cayetano suggested that Filipinos should now judge their public officials based on a new standard - CEBU - in this new era of change.

"We should now judge our public officials on their C- commitment to serve their constituents and how they inspire their people to commit to supporting the cause; E - empowerment of officials under them; B - betterment of their people above their own; and U - unity among fellow Filipinos regardless of personal preferences to work for a better Philippines for all," he said.

Cayetano pointed out that as he enters this new phase in his career as a public servant, he sees that the next fight he needs to go on is the fight against poverty.

"Now is the time for new ideas and now is the time for action.We need to ensure that all Filipino families are included in this new prosperity and growth," he said.

Cayetano revealed that he plans to put this aspiration into action by pushing for a comprehensive agenda that will ensure that all Filipino families benefit from the nation's growth.

To address concerns related to Presyo, Cayetano reiterated his call for a decrease in gasoline prices through the reconsideration of the application of value-added tax (VAT) on petroleum products.

To address concerns related to Trabaho, Cayetano proposed to tackle the twin problems of unemployment and underemployment by pushing for an increase in infrastructure spending to create more jobs and by promoting an Education to Employment program.

To address concerns related to Kita, Cayetano has already enacted his plan to end the need for 5-6 lending by increasing small business owners' access to capital by launching a low-interest lending program, which he started with the market vendors of the New Pritil Market in Tondo, Manila.

"This lending program for the Pritil vendors will be the pilot stage for an envisioned nationwide project that will facilitate the delivery of capital to as many sectors as possible that need access to capital," he said.

In line with this vision for better credit access, Cayetano has also proposed a P20 billion program for credit facilities to micro and small businesses gain access to capital through an enactment of a second-phase program to the existing CCT program.

Cayetano stressed that as he begins fulfilling his promises, he needs the support of the people he is fighting for.

"I have already begun to fulfill these promises. But to do more, I ask that you help me. Just as Cebu and the entire country worked together to fight the injustice of corruption, we must now work together even harder to fight the injustice of poverty," he said.

Cayetano concluded by thanking the entire country for their support and stressing his unwavering commitment to end the problems of PTK plaguing the nation.

"I ask you now to join me so we can together fight this injustice of poverty fro all Filipino families. With your help and support, this is the Alan Cayetano who will take action to address the problems of high prices, lack of jobs, and insufficient income," he said.

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