Press Release
July 23, 2013

Cayetano on PNoy's SONA :
"Challenge now is to work together, make poor families
feel economic growth"

Newly-elected Senate Majority Leader Alan Cayetano today expressed optimism that by working together we can help the President achieve the goal of making all Filipino families, especially the poor, reap the benefits of economic growth in the second half of the administration's term after hearing the President's State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Citing the Aquino administration's accomplishments and efforts for the past 3 years, Sen. Cayetano said the momentum to initiate more reforms is palpable and should be embraced by everyone in government.

"The President's SONA was a frank assessment of where the country is and offered solutions to some problems that definitely require political will, and we must all come together and support his call for reform." he said.

"The time is ripe for new and bold ideas that will allow all our families to feel the benefits of our renewed economic prosperity. On my part, I will do everything I can both as Senator and as Majority Leader to push for the President's agenda of inclusive growth," he added.

Cayetano was re-elected in the 2013 elections, campaigning on the Presyo, Trabaho, Kita (PTK) of addressing the day to day problems facing poor families that hinder their ability to get out of poverty - high prices, lack of jobs, and persistently low levels of income.

"I am confident the President will achieve his goal of making our growth more inclusive because the people clearly support him and what he is trying to achieve," Cayetano said, while noting the renewed sense of confidence and optimism of people in both the government and the economy as reflected in every public poll.

Like our President, I share our people's optimism and hope in the future, we must now get to work and do more," he added.

The senator said the President's vision of a tuwid na daan is clearly reaping benefits for the country and now the administration can move this further by showing that it is serious in raising the people's standard of living.

Now is the Time for Ideas not Criticism According to Cayetano, the economic gains being felt by the country must be acknowledged. "We have seen unprecedented developments in the economy. We are currently experiencing renewed investor confidence and the country is no longer seen as the sick man of Asia but as an emerging tiger," Cayetano said.

However, the senator feels that instead of endless criticism, we now need new and bold ideas that will maximize development for all Filipino families.

"This is now the time for new and innovative ideas. We have now been given the opportunity to come together as a nation and push for the reforms that will build on the enormous gains of the past 3 years and make the big push to achieve our elusive goal to eradicate poverty and sustain economic growth, and I will work with the President and the administration to achieve this goal." he added.

The senator said he will propose several measures such as the CCT 2 or anti-5-6 campaign which pushes for accessible capital for micro, small, and medium enterprises (SME's), the reduction on the VAT on oil, and the Education to Employment (E2E) program to provide more and better opportunities for gainful employment.

"Now more than ever, we are a step closer towards finding solutions to the problems related to Presyo, Trabaho, Kita (PTK), and allow Filipino families to get out of poverty and feel the benefits of our growing economy," the senator pointed out.

The Fight against Graft and Corruption Continues In the continuing fight against graft and corruption, Sen. Cayetano lauded the apparent determination of the President to expose the principal culprits behind the past and present scandals and throw the book at them.

"I believe the President will do everything he says in trying to eliminate graft and corruption and I will be by his side in this fight." Cayetano said.

Earlier that day, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano was elected as the Majority Floor Leader during the 1st session of the 16th Congress.

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