Press Release
August 7, 2013

Transcript of Sen. Grace Poe's Committee on Public Order hearing

I spoke to one of the victims of the Cotabato bombing and her concern, I think it is of prime interest to us now, is to prevent anything like this from happening again. Because Sen. Enrile was asking about the correlation of the bombings. She (the victim) told me that for her she thinks that it was directed to her. It's not necessarily a group, it could be personal, but what she expressed was her concern that in certain parts of Mindanao it was very easy to obtain controlled substances.

We have to pinpoint exactly who sold these and where and make an example out of this so it will deter further individuals from capitalizing on this.

My question is, Is there truth to it that it (controlled substance) is easily obtained in certain parts of Mindanao? I don't want to pinpoint a particular area mentioned to me by the victim but apparently from this area it is transported to CDO and to other places. If you don't want to answer this, Sen. Recto has already suggested that we call for an exec session.

Perhaps aside from prevention of these things we should, It is just my recommendation, that we have to be proactive and start really looking for individuals that may have these controlled substances that you say and bring them to justice immediately. We can contain this seeming crisis now that is erupting out if this incident.

[PNP Director Purisima saying that controlled substances are openly available in the market even without license permits]

Nakakatakot ito ha. I mean pag sinabi mong may tiangge ng shabu, individuals are affected. But ito talaga we cannot afford to have something like this. I mean hindi pwedeng pag hinuli sila today, babalik sila ulit dyan. Maglagay na tayo ng mga tao sa mga lugar na hinihinala nating tiangge ng mga ganito dahil hindi lang isa ng buhay ang apektado dito.

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