Press Release
August 12, 2013

Poe seeks waiver of pre-employment fees for fresh graduates

Senator Grace Poe has filed a measure seeking to waive government fees and charges collected from fresh graduates in connection with documentary requirements for employment.

Poe filed the measure to help new graduates find employment and obtain income for the first time, since family resources are "severely depleted" because of high costs of a college education.

"The waiver of these fees must be taken not as a loss of revenue for the government, but as an investment in labor force, which is in its best interest to protect and promote," said Poe.

Senate Bill No. 1216 or the proposed Fresh Graduates Pre-employment Assistance Act of 2013, covers all government agencies and instrumentalities, including government-owned or controlled corporations and local government units.

The requirements include police or National Bureau of Investigation clearance, identification card or number from the Social Security System, certification from a local government, tax identification number, and other documents.

To avail of the waiver, a fresh graduate Filipino citizen must submit to the state agency or instrumentality concerned a copy of his/her diploma, certification, document or communication from the academic, vocational or technical institution from which he/she has graduated, written or issued to the effect that such person has indeed successfully completed the course.

The school document should clearly state the date of graduation or completion and the course completed or degree earned, and should be signed by the institution's authorized representative.

"It is a simple measure that intends not only to provide relief but also to show the government's commitment to promote the interest of the youth," Poe said.

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