Press Release
September 26, 2013

Closing Statement of Senator TG Guingona
PDAF Scam Probe

Ladies and gentlemen, just a few words before we leave today's hearing.

I begin by thanking the whistleblowers who presented themselves to the Committee today. In so doing, you helped us -and that of our people's - search for truth.

Nang mag-umpisa po ang hearing ng Blue Ribbon Committee tungkol sa mga issues sa PDAF, sinabi natin na tatlong tanong ang kailangan nating sagutin.

Una, ano ba talaga ang nangyari sa pera ng taumbayan?

Pangalawa, bakit nangyari?

Pangatlo, sino ang mga dapat managot dahil sa nangyari?

In our quest for answers, we made significant headway. For this, the Committee - and our people - have our resource persons to thank. With the support of Filipinos like them, we are confident that we will accomplish the goal we set out to achieve when we embarked on this task - and that goal is...the Truth.

As we are all aware of, the quest for truth has not been easy. We met setbacks. We faced blank walls. We were confronted by obstacles thrown along the way.

Let me assure everyone : the setbacks and obstacles have not diminished our resolve to complete the task; we are determined bring this search to its rightful conclusion. And, let me assure you, we will.

Hindi pa po tayo tapos. At hindi tayo matatapos hangga't hindi natin nasasagot ang tatlong katanungan.

At hindi papayagan ng komiteng ito na hadlangan tayo ng kahit sino ... sa paghahanap natin ng mga sagot.

After all, that is the mandate of this committee. And we are called to fulfill that mandate.

This hearing is suspended until further notice.

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