Press Release
October 16, 2013

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senate President Franklin Drilon

On the appearance of Janet Lim Napoles in the Blue Ribbon Investigation

SPFMD: Kung kailan that is fully Blue Ribbon.

Q: Bakit po hindi niyo nalang hinintay yung caucus ng mga senators?

SPFMD: I exercised that decision that we will already do it.

On the Cebu-Bohol relief efforts

SPFMD: We have an initial review of our finances. We believe that we can have savings at this time of P 6 million from the Senate budget which we will now transfer to the DSWD to assist in the relief operations. Next week, we will again review what other steps we can take in order to assist the rehabilitation of the affected areas.

Q: How soon po ma-transfer?

SPFMD: Next week. That should not be a problem.

Q: What part is that of the Senate budget?

SPFMD: I do not know. It's just savings from the Senate budget. We have no time examine everything but it's part of the Senate budget.

Q: Sir, to clarify, its only for the earthquake or yung sa typhoon din or sa Zamboanga?

SPFMD: Basta we will give to DSWD. They will decide which areas will need it most.

Q: Pero relief lang to sir?

SPFMD: Yes, relief.

On the security of Janet Lim Napoles

SPFMD: No, hindi napagusapan.

Q: How about yung PDAF whether individually or as a body?

SPFMD: We did not discuss that.

Q: Kelan maeexpect yung budget from the House?

SPFMD: The Committee on Appropriations chair Senator Escudero indicated that the budget could be with us on November 18 depending on the extent on the revisions on the President's budget. We may be able to sponsor the General Appropriations bill, the week of November 18.

Q; May provision daw na iintroduce si Senator Escudero, yung mga SAROs and CAs parang i-copy furnish na yung DBM?

SPFMD: I do not know. I am not aware of that. I would like to see it. I do not want to comment on something which I haven't seen.

Q: Ipapadelete po ba yung PDAF sa budget?

SPFMD: That is a matter that we will decide at the appropriate time. We did not discuss it this time.

On the Freedom of Information bill

SPFMD: Traditionally, once we start the debates on the budget, the deliberations on other bills will be suspended. That's what we do.

Q: Ihahabol niyo pa po ba yung FOI bago yung budget dumating dito?

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