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November 18, 2013

Cayetano : Make it easier for anyone to help

Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter S. Cayetano today appealed to the executive to make it easier for any individual or group to send their donations to the victims of typhoon Yolanda.

Cayetano made this appeal following reports that several trucks loaded with donations have been sitting for days at the Matnog Port in Bicol due to lack of vessels that will carry relief goods to the typhoon-stricken areas in the Visayas.

He warned that the long wait has been causing confusion and even frustration among donors, which calamity victims desperately need at this time.

"A lot of private people and organizations have been making efforts to send tons and tons of relief items. This is the product of the bayanihan spirit multiplied a thousand fold," he said.

"The government on its part should make sure that they reach those who need them the soonest possible time," he pointed out.

Cayetano said govt should formulate very clear guidelines on how to help or send help to the victims without the hassle of having to wait for days in the pier.

Cayetano likewise cited a recent report that a Malaysian c130 carrying relief items was not allowed to land in Tacloban City apparently because there was a plane - with eight VIPs onboard - at the landing site.

"Any ordinary individual who has the heart to help victims of the typhoon Yolanda should be able to without any hindrance or delay," he pointed out.

Cayetano lamented that it's been more than a week now after typhoon Yolanda ravaged a large part of the Visayas region, and yet a lot of victims are still to receive relief goods.

"We in the government should provide all means to encourage more donors to send relief goods, medicines, among others, to the calamity victims, " he added.

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