Press Release
December 12, 2013


THE Villar SIPAG (Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance) led by its Founding Chairman, former Senate President Manny B. Villar and Managing Director Senator Cynthia Villar, on Saturday, brought smiles and joy once again to the young children of Tondo, Manila, and Tagaytay City, as they were afforded various Christmas treats and gifts during the annual gift-giving event.

A total of close to 200 kids aged 2-13 years from Baseco, Tondo and Barangay Iruhin, Tagaytay City and their companions, were fetched from their respective places and brought to the Christmas Village of Brittany's Crosswinds, an idyllic residential property in the said city.

"This special activity is now on its 4th year and we intend to hold the same event for years to come. These children are close to our hearts. We want to make their trip and stay at Crosswinds, even for a few hours, unforgettable. We made sure that the event would be fun-filled so they could always look back at the fond memories they had here," shares Senator Villar.

During her stint at the House of Representatives for nine consecutive years, Senator Villar has authored several legislations, which redound to the benefits of children. "In our own little way, we hope to make these children happy through the Villar SIPAG," said Mrs. Villar.

Excitement was felt on the innocent faces of the children as the bus carrying them traversed the road going to Crosswinds, which sits on a lush terrain in one of the highest peaks in Tagaytay City .

The children could not contain their thrill during the trip. For many of them, it was a totally new experience to travel out of town. When they reached Tagaytay, the children immediately enjoyed the cold December breeze and breath-taking environment.

Crosswinds has been all decked up for Christmas... where the Villar Foundation prepared more fun activities and games. The children visited the Christmas Store and Santa's House at the state-of-the-art Christmas Village , adorned with 20,000 pine trees. They played with various toys at the Christmas Village , built for children and adults to enjoy and had their pictures taken at the Christmas Village and around the area. The excursion turned into one big Christmas party for the children as they played games, watched a magician's show, danced, sang, and had fun with the Villar couple.

Former Senate President and now Chairman of Vista Land, Manny Villar said giving Christmas treats to less fortunate children is their way of expressing gratitude for all the blessings they have been receiving. "We want to share our blessing. We also want to help them by making them happy especially during this joyous season of the year," he added.

"We want to spread love, which is the spirit of Christmas. We also want to get these children from their dire surroundings and let them experience something bright and cheery here at Crosswinds even for just a day," Villar said.

Aside from the gifts and hearty meals, the children also got prizes for winning in parlor games and other activities like the raffle during the brief Christmas program. After the event wrapped up, everyone carried with them bags full of treats and hearts full of Christmas cheer and memories.

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