Press Release
January 25, 2014


Senator Juan Edgardo "Sonny" Angara has urged the government to streamline the processes in issuing permits to fast track the setting up of new power plants in the country.

"I was told that there are over a 100 approvals necessary. Mahigit isandaang approval o signature para magtayo ng bagong power facility? Kung ganun, talagang hindi nakakagulat na nandito tayo sa sitwasyong ito," Angara said.

Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla revealed that with 165 steps necessary just for the issuance of permits, it takes more than a year to process an application for a new power plant, then another three to four years to build the actual plant.

Angara emphasized the need to shorten the period of setting up new power facilities especially now that the country needs to increase its power capacity to stabilize power rates and address the rising demand in the long term.

According to the energy secretary, they are already conferring with other government agencies on ways to reduce the 165 steps and hasten the process.

Angara noted that many are interested in investing in the power sector since it has been lucrative for the past decade.

The lawmaker proposed putting up a one-stop shop for the issuance of permits to simplify the procedure.

"We want to give assurance to the Filipino consumers that there will be no more sudden spike in rates. The EPIRA law has been amended and the power sector has been privatized to ensure there will be no rate hikes but here we are still. We should do something to avoid this," he concluded.

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