Press Release
April 16, 2014

Sen. Alan to BIR: Huwag OA, Huwag KSP!
No shame campaign vs. Pacquiao please

While Filipinos here and abroad are unanimous in hailing Manny Pacquiao in his most recent victory, the BIR here seems to be more eager in publicly flashing his tax scorecards.

Hindi naman po yata tamang i-demonize natin si Manny na walang ginawa kung hindi maghatid ng karangalan at kasiyahan sa ating bansa at sa lahat ng Pilipino sa buong mundo.

I understand the BIR's role and mission. Athough tax collection is unpopular, it is necessary. But don't destroy the very few things that make Filipinos unite and make us forget the calamities, problems and harshness of life, even if just for a few hours or a day.

Let the legal process take its course in the case of Manny Pacquiao, not in the media. Don't give him special treatment, but don't crucify him in public every opportunity you get. Don't be overacting (OA), or Kulang sa Pansin (KSP).

Malacañang should not be so quick in defending its appointees. A reprimand is in order. Being interviewed or asked by the media is not an excuse. The commissioner could have said 'no comment,' and reminded Manny privately of his obligations.

Collect taxes. Do your job. But do it with respect and with dignity. That is the Filipino way. Even in collecting taxes.

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