Press Release
August 14, 2014

Transcript of Sen. Grace Poe's questions during a public hearing of the joint congressional oversight committee on the Automated Election System

Sen. Grace Poe: My question is just simple, 2016 is looming and we need to know, have you started the bidding process? Or at least the specs of what type of system we'll be using? Have you given yourself a deadline, especially Mr. Chair, you'll be retiring soon, is there a time frame?

Comm. Lucenito Tagle: Your honor, if I can answer for the (Comelec) chairman. We intend to have the choice of technology by August 26. We have started to draft the terms of reference already. We intend to have bidding this September, but we cannot award it yet until next year, your honor.

Poe: How long is the process, when you start with the bidding in September, how long is it usually?

Tagle: Three to six months, your honor.

Poe: Do you think that's enough? I mean to order all of that?

Tagle: That's more than enough compared to the 2010 data, your honor.

Poe: Thank you.

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