Press Release
September 8, 2015

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the issue of realigning savings to existing items in the budget of executive agencies

SPFMD: Sa akin we must make it easier to realign to existing items the savings in other items. That is allowed in the Constitution. Now it must be the head of the Department concerned, or the head of the branch - meaning the President, the Supreme Court Chief Justice, the heads of constitutional agencies, and head of Congress.

However such approval of realignment can be delegated to the Cabinet secretaries by the President as long it is realignment of savings to an existing item or to augment an existing item. What is presently happening is that the realignments are delayed because of the approval that is required by the Office of the President.

We can overcome that by providing that the President can delegated such authority to the Cabinet secretaries.

Q: When can that be done?

SPFMD: It can be done as a special provision in the General Appropriations Act.

Q: Senator Legarda said meron na, but yung DBM in-insist.

SPFMD: Alright, but maybe we can strengthen that to remove all doubts.

Q: So no need for the special provision then?

SPFMD: Precisely there is that special provision already - yan nga yung sinasabi. But apparently, there is still some doubt, so let us clarify.

Q: Yung realignment - halimbawa for this year, pwede na bang yang gawin?

SPFMD: They should be able to do that like for example - the appropriation is P100 million. The design or the approved budget contract is only P95 million and then it is bid out as P10 million. You do not have to wait for the end of the year.

Q: On Mayor Duterte's decision not to run for president

SPFMD: The field is now down to three, I assume, with Senator Poe as part of it. It is better. We are the administration. You would have two representing the opposition.

Q: May edge ba Sir? Favorable?

SPFMD: Certainly, because we are going to (unclear). The platform that the party will be presenting is the daang matuwid. We are the administration and we will defend that policy.

Q: Invited ng NPC si Sec. Roxas, you're hoping na Secretary Roxas will get the endorsement of the NPC?

SPFMD: Certainly. The NPC is a very valuable ally in 2013 and we want to continue that in 2016.

Q: Is LP interested in getting Mayor Duterte as VP?

SPFMD: We have not discussed that.

Q: Wala pa ring schedule ang LP?

SPFMD: Wala pa.

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