Press Release
September 22, 2015

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon before the Commission on Appointments plenary session

Q: Sir diba naaresto na yung Reyes brothers, pano po iyon, ma-eextradite sila?

SPFMD: I recall and subject to confirmation, that we have a treaty with Thailand subject to confirmation, and that process of mutual assistance on criminal matters can be invoked to bring Governor Reyes back.

Q: So paguwi niya, dapat sumulong na yung kaso against them?

SPFMD: I do not know exactly what is the status of the case. If a case has already been filed in court, then he will be arraigned. That is when the jurisdiction over this person is acquired and the trial will start.

Q: Do you have a statement over dun sa issue against kay former LTO chief Virginia Torres na nanghimasok para makapasok daw yung smuggled sugar from Thailand?

SPFMD: They should dig deeper into this. You know, Torres has no business getting involved in trying to bring out shipments of smuggled sugar. This could be the lead for Commissioner Lina to dig deeper into sugar smuggling.

Q: Sinasabi pa daw nga niya na yung 2016, parang fund raising daw, parang LP (Liberal Party) daw.

SPFMD: Kalokohan iyan. There is absolutely no basis, and they are just lying. They are trying to save their necks.

Q: May VP (vice-president) na ba ang LP?

SPFMD: Malapit na, ilang tulog na lang.

Q: Kelan po? This week?

SPFMD: Basta, malapit na.

Q: Within this month sir?

SPFMD: Within this month, yes.

Q: Girl po ba or boy?

SPFMD: Hindi namang pwedeng in between diba?

Q: On CA's confirmation of the appointment of COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista

SPFMD: We hurried up because we wanted to provide stability to the Office of the Chairman of COMELEC because COMELEC will be performing a very crucial function in the next eight months or so, and therefore we need stability and stable leadership in the Commission on Elections.

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