Press Release
January 17, 2018

A noisy press is the soundtrack of democracy

For democracy to thrive, a free and untrammelled press is essential. To put a muzzle on independent reporting is to limit the exchange of ideas essential to good governance.

Citizens, whether they blog to their community or broadcast to the country, should not be deprived of this most cherished of rights that our heroes fought for so that we, their descendants, may enjoy it.

We need an uncowed media to tell truth to power, to hold rulers accountable, to right the wrongs, to ask the important questions, to improve policy, "to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."

Freedom of the press is wasted if solely used to praise. It is not there to airbrush the truth or photoshop the ugly, but, like a national mirror, is hoisted in front of us so we can see the true reflection of ourselves, wrinkles and all.

For government officials, dealing with the press is an occupational hazard. But better a pesky, cantankerous, annoying press than one that is silenced. A noisy press is the soundtrack of democracy.

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