Press Release
March 31, 2018


As Jesus Christ rose from the dead, hope and discernment are resurrected among the people facing crossroads as a nation.

Lent gave us time to pause, step back and notice Christ's work and suffering to redeem our souls and give us fresh beginnings.

As Pope Francis said, lent is a time "to allow our hearts to beat once more in tune with the vibrant heart of Jesus."

We must keep our hopes high and practice keen discernment of things as we deal with the trials in our personal lives and the challenges as a nation.

Let us not allow anger, indifference and wastefulness overcome us as we manage our country's daily affairs. Let us rise from our failings and train our sights on a brighter horizon -- that the traffic mess will soon be solved, that jobs with decent pay will come, that health services will be better, that quality education will be accessible, that honest and efficient leaders will be in government.

In the hands of the Almighty, we will prevail as a nation. A blessed Easter to all!

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