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February 17, 2019

Nancy Binay: 'Architecture, urban planning must have a social purpose'
...says designers must be reminded of their roles in building communities

Senator Nancy Binay on Friday (Feb 15) emphasized the crucial role of architecture and design in forging the Filipino identity, noting that architects, urban planners and designers have overlooked the social dimension of their roles in society.

"If architecture is to shape our lives for the better, then we must ensure that our cities are humanized and inclusive," Binay said during the opening on of the Anthology Architecture and Design Festival in Fort Santiago, as she lamented the people's lack of access to housing and public spaces.

She added that urban planners and architects must be constantly reminded of their social purpose in building "humanized and inclusive" communities that are sustainable and reflect the aspirations of the people.

Binay lauded architects and designers who continue to push boundaries while at the same time tapping into the Filipino consciousness and using materials that are indigenous to us in the pursuit of building structures that represent Filipino ideals, and aspirations.

"If we want our youth to be critical thinkers who are willingly involved in crucial discussions on national issues, we must build schools that are conducive to learning."

"If we wish to preserve the sanctity of the family, we have to give them homes that protect their privacy and shelters them. If we want a healthy people, we must provide spaces where our children can play," she pointed out.

Sen. Binay, who is running for reelection in May 2019, vowed to bat for policies that put primacy on community-building, including the issue of how public spaces are utilized.

"This is as good a time as any to recruit the aid of our architects and designers as we try to put in place the necessary structures that will help us stake our claim as a top tourist destination."

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