Press Release
March 25, 2019

Statement of Senator Win Gatchalian on the DOF's posting of loan agreements on its website

Whether it be with China, Japan, or any country for that matter, it is in the best interest of the government to exercise greater transparency in the agreements it entered - even beyond what the law requires. Every Filipino has the right to know and understand the process, criteria, and methodology that the government employs when signing important agreements such as the infrastructure loan deals.

I myself experienced difficulty in finding even just a summary of the loan agreements that government entered over the past years when I browsed through the websites of NEDA and DOF in preparation for our recent hearing on the Build, Build, Build program.

In the spirit of transparency, mabuti at napagpasyahan ng Department of Finance na maglaan ng espasyo sa kanilang website para mabilis na makikita at mabubusisi ng publiko ang mga loan agreements na nilagdaan ng ating gobyerno.

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