Press Release
July 27, 2019

Press Statement of Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph G. Recto

On Endo Bill:

Press "reboot" and file the bill again.

But this time, the Executive Branch should write its own version and send it to Congress with an attached presidential certification as to its urgency. If it has changed its mind, then the version it now wants must be in black and white, so nothing will be lost in translation. This is needed because the veto message did not cite the specific provisions that triggered the veto. Let the burden of proposition fall on them this time. But this will be for the information of Congress only, and should not mean that it must be the one passed en toto.

Better still, Malacañang should convene a tripartite summit on endo, with business, labor and the government in a frank exchange of views.

Lastly, this episode underscores once again the need to strengthen its liaison work with Congress. I sympathize with Joel who had worked hard on this bill. Hindi pwedeng kung kailan tapos na ang boxing, doon pa lang mag-iingay ang ibang taga-Executive. Hindi pwede yung laban-bawi. This was not an easy bill to write. Joel made sure that it was a balanced one. It was a tightrope act under stormy conditions.

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