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November 24, 2019

To Balance Technology's Influence: Lacson Bill Aims to Teach GMRC to Filipino Youths

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High-tech gadgets and devices may teach new things to many Filipino children and youths, but good manners and right conduct may not be among them.

On this note, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson filed a bill aiming to make sure Filipinos learn good manners and right conduct (GMRC) during their formative years from Kindergarten to Grade 3.

"In order to create a balance, it is necessary for our educational system to aid the Filipino family in imparting good manners and right conduct to our young students by its inclusion in the curriculum at the beginning of their school years," Lacson said in Senate Bill 1185, as he noted how modern technology threatens to impact the social skills and manners of Filipino youth.

He added Education Secretary Leonor Briones has warned "technology without good manners is a disaster" as empathy, compassion and humanity cannot be learned in an "online or technology-driven pedagogy."

Lacson's bill aims to balance the effects of gadgets and devices by honing the youths' attitude, values and perception with good manners during their formative years.

He said the GMRC shall inculcate among the students the concepts of "human dignity, respect for oneself and giving oneself to others in the spirit of community, for the effective and holistic development of the decision-making skills of the child."

Under the bill, the curriculum shall also focus on the basics of GMRC including caring for oneself, giving concern for others, according proper respect to people, upholding discipline and order, cultivating sincerity, honesty, obedience, and love for country.

"Taking into account the Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao curriculum of the Department of Education's K-12 program, the Good Manners and Right Conduct curriculum is hereby institutionalized and shall be designated as a separate subject to be taught in Kindergarten to Grade 3 levels," Lacson said in his bill.

He added the teaching method shall be actual or situational instead of just conceptual, so students can directly relate to the lessons and practice them.

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