Press Release
January 1, 2020


Senator Richard J. Gordon, chairman of the committee on Justice and Human Rights, said the proposed Philippine Marshal Service will prevent cases where judges are prevented from holding trial in their assigned salas thru intimidation, which has been happening in some areas in the country.

"There have occasions, for example, and I'm sure both my colleagues here who were in the police--I remember many judges would not stay in Sulu or in Basilan. They would hold court in Zamboanga and even the mayors did that. Also, there have been occasions where we have had to move courts or cases and be brought to Manila because we are not so confident about the protection that will be availed of the judges," he noted.

Gordon also cited a judge in Basilan who carries an AK-47 because he was not sure that he was going to get the protection and the Maguindanao Massacre case.

"So we are coming from that direction. We are coming from a direction that will allow the Supreme Court to protect our judges. Under the Constitution, they are in control of the Judiciary and I think they should be allowed to make sure na maipagtatanggol natin iyang mga huwes natin, lalo na iyong mga nasa malalayong lugar. Pag nagkaroon tayo ng marshal service, protective services, siguro may laban na ang mga huwes at sigurado mag-iisip na ng dalawang beses o tatlong beses iyong mga mananakot at papatay sa mga husgado," he said.

The Committee on Justice and Human Rights is hearing bills proposing the creation of a Philippine Marshal Service that would ensure security and protection of the members of the Bench. The bills include Gordon's Senate Bill No. 118, Senator Panfilo Lacson's SBN 1209 and Senator Ronald Dela Rosa's 1237.

In his bill, Gordon proposes the creation of a Philippine Marshal Service under the Supreme Court, through the Office of the Court Administrator which shall be tasked, to protect, defend, safeguard, watch over, provide security and ensure the safety of justice, judges, court officials and personnel, and halls of justice, courthouses, and other court buildings and properties; conduct threat assessments and undertake investigations of crimes and other offenses committed, including potential security threats, against the same.

The marshals will also assist in the execution and implementation of court orders; assist in the protection of witnesses and in the security in the transportation of accused or witnesses necessary in the continuation of court proceedings; seize, freeze, manage and dispose of assets seized, frozen or forfeited by the Courts nationwide; and make arrests of fugitives, searches and seizures in accordance with the Constitution, existing laws, jurisprudence and rules, among others.

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