Press Release
February 4, 2020


To survive epidemics or pandemics caused by emerging and re-emerging diseases such as the novel Coronavirus or 2019-nCOV, Senator Richard J. Gordon proposed stockpiling on strategic medical supplies to ensure adequate supply in the country.

Gordon, chairman and CEO of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) said the government could also encourage local investors to venture into the production of medical supplies such as face masks, medical gowns and other protective gear to ensure that the high demand for them, during public health emergencies, would be met.

"Other countries, like the United States, spend billions for a secret stockpile of supplies, food, medicines, and vaccines, among others. This is to ensure that there would be adequate supply of food, medicine, vaccines and other necessary supplies to tide them over until the emergency ends. We should also invest in warehouses in strategic areas across the country where they could be prepositioned," he said during a committee hearing on the nCOV.

The Red Cross maintains warehouses in different parts of the country where stockpiles of food and non-food items such as face masks, gloves, other personal protective gear, sleeping kits and hygiene kits, among others, along with response vehicles are prepositioned for easier mobilization.

"Ang Red Cross, may mga warehouses sa iba't ibang panig ng bansa gaya ng Cebu, Passi, Iloilo, Ilocos, Subic, Cagayan, dito sa NCR (National Capital Region) at iba pang lalawigan. May mga response vehicles na kami sa mga 'yun, gaya ng rescue truck, payloader, at iba pa; pati mga supplies para mabilis kaming makapagresponde kapag may mga kalamidad dahil naniniwala kami na Volunteers + Logistics + Information Technology = a Red Cross that is Always First, Always Ready and Always There!" he explained.

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