Press Release
February 18, 2020

Transcript of interview with Sen. Cynthia Villar
(hearing on EPR, single-use plastics)

Q: Ready na kayo sa bill?

Villar: Marami kaming reports coming from the private sector na hihintayin namin kasi when we amend the law, it will be the responsibility of both the local government, the NGOs and the private sector, i just want to see the volume they produce and their commitment para mai-match namin ang batas sa what we will require of them. Marami dito malalaking kompanya like Nestle, Unilever, P&G, they have the capability to commit. So I want their commitment para alam namin kung ano ire-require sa kanila kasi if they say that they can commit, we will require it in the law.

Q: Kanina may information na iyong papel hindi siya as recyclable as we thought?

Villar: The National Academy of Science and Technology will give an opinion on that. Hindi ko naman alam iyon, hindi naman ako scientist so they will give an opinion on that. That will be the basis of our decision.

Q: Hindi magsi-shift back sa another...

Villar: Hindi.

Q: Iyong idea na waste management isama sa good governance, policy na?

Villar: Ilalagay namin as part of the law. That will be the role of DILG. Nagbibigay sila ng seal of good governance tapos hindi naman nagpa-practice ng waste management na tama.

Q: Ano pong products and sakop ng bill? Kasi sabi nyo kanina hindi kasama ang waste ng hospital?

Villar: No, we will do a chapter on that. Kasi may original law naman, iyong National Solid Waste law of 2000, there is a chapter. We want to see their opinion if what is written in the law is different from their opinion now. It has been 20 years so there should be some technological development na we can incorporate. So we are asking them to give a position paper with regards to the health waste. Nakakatakot kasi may lamang gamot iyon. It should not be included in other wastes.

Q: Anong produkto po yung bawal gamitan ng single use plastics?

Villar: wala pa naman, hindi pa naman natin pinagbabawal ang single-use plastic. Kasi ang plastic ang pinakamura but if we can recycle it, pwede nating i-allow. And I don't think they have a replacement. Kasi I have read many articles abroad. What we can do is require them to recycle the single-use plastic, hindi ipagbawal kasi baka hindi kaya kasi wala naman akong nadidinig na packaging other than glass. Maybe if they can recycle their packaging, that's okay. But if they cannot, then technology iyon to invent some thing that can replace single-use plastic.

Q: Amenable kayo sa proposal na instead of getting their own packaging, they will just collect?

Villar: Yes, if you are doing it, wou will know that it's impractical na pipiliin mo lang kung ano ang sachet mo. Mamamatay ka sa hirap doon. It cannot be done. It's more of talking of volume. If you are producing this volume, you have to recycle this volume.

Q: Ang direction po ng commitee is regulating single-use plastic not banning it?

Villar: Yes, baka impossible to ban. Wala naman ako nadidinig na replacement for single-use plastic. What we want is for them to recycle the single-use plastic, unless may dadating na opinion na replacement.

Q: Next steps for the bill

Villar: Ia-assemble namin lahat ng kanilang position paper and write it and maybe do another hearing after we have written it before we bring it to plenary.

Q: Solgen asked for a gag order against the discussion on the ABS CBN franchise in public forum, your comment lang?

Villar: Alam mo, it has been my policy na kapag hindi committee ko hindi ko pinakikialaman kasi mahirap mag-opinion hindi ako lawyer. Baka mamaya mag-opinion ako, mali pa. So I am focusing on the environment and agriculture. I will just listen in the plenary as to this kasi ang hirap, ang daming nagsasabi na ito ganito ang stand, tapos iyong iba may contradictory stand, hindi naman ako magaling sa law, medyo mahirap mag-decide diyan kasi opinion nila may opposite opinion.

Q: Is there a move in the Nacionalista Party in the House of Representatives to act on the ABS CBN francise?

Villar: Parang they decide independently of each other. Walang party stand. Usually wala naman kaming party stand.

Q: Doon po sa plan ng Senate to seek the interevention of the Supreme Court on VFA?

Villar: Okay naman iyon. Wala namang masama doon. In fact, the palace said you can ask the Supreme Court. Wala naman silang problema sa VFA.

Q: Do you support that?

Villar: I just keep quiet. Kung ano i-decide ng Supreme Court we follow.

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