Press Release
May 4, 2020


Adequate safeguards and support must be in place if our PUV drivers must hit the road under the reduced capacity protocol.

To protect not only them but also our commuting public, our drivers must be included in the mandatory COVID-19 testing without out-of-pocket expense.

As social distancing is enforced, the government should provide our PUV drivers fuel and livelihood subsidy to make up for the expected decrease in their take-home income.

It is lamentable that until now, a number of families of PUV drivers have yet to receive the promised cash aid close to two months since the lockdown.

We reiterate our call to speed up the release of the assistance since they are clearly among the sectors in need and without means of living if they are not allowed to go out.

As warriors in this pandemic, our PUV drivers are also putting themselves on the frontline to rush to our side and keep the economy moving.

We owe it to them that after every trip at the end of the day, they return to their families safely and not shortchanged.

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