Press Release
May 4, 2020


Just to weigh in on the issue, I know exactly what Senator Lacson is being careful of. We don't have the same composition in the Senate forever. On the other hand, when you say that, I agree with him that it should be the concurrence among the majority of the senators. But if that's the case, let's say we need to be able to decide whether an occurrence is actually an emergency; does it mean that we have to physically show up first before we do that again? Or can we have a provision that says that in the event that there is a deliberation, whether or not an occurrence is to be declared an emergency, there can be a preliminary teleconference hearing to get the majority vote of the Senate. And if the Senate as a whole or if the majority decides that it is indeed an emergency, then that teleconference is already valid. But if not, then it's not, we have to show up again. I see also the point of the majority that it defeats the purpose; let's say there is a natural calamity and you really can't physically show up. So, teleconferences will not be valid because we have to come back here to physically take a vote on it. So, maybe you will allow at least the initial vote, whether or not to allow teleconferencing as defined by what an emergency is. Before, you know, so that if we agree on the teleconferencing rule then we don't have to show up physically if there is an emergency; but if we don't, we don't agree, then we just proceed that the teleconference is not valid.

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