Press Release
June 10, 2020

Grace Poe on DICT's shared cell tower policy

We laud the DICT for its latest circular guaranteeing an inclusive cell tower policy, which we have long been advocating.

It is our earnest hope that this will be a game-changer -- to pave the way for our much-desired connectivity that will expand the horizon of opportunities for our people across all walks of life.

Tower sharing is a way to address the demand for better, wider and faster internet service, which is a necessity as we shift to online learning amidst the pandemic. We owe it to our students to have fair and equal access to this digital experience.

Infrastructure sharing will also reduce investment costs and operating expenses, which will result in lower rates for our consumers.

We count on all concerned national and local government units to do their share in adhering to mandatory timelines and automatic approval procedures under the circular, backed by Ease of Doing Business and other laws.

With the urgency of connectivity, it is crucial to ensure that the various pain points in building the needed infrastructure, including provisions for right of way, will be addressed and settled swiftly.

With the internet seeming like our umbilical cord to the outside world in this time of pandemic, a reliable and dependable connection is essential.

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