Press Release
June 29, 2020

On the Death of Rep. Tony Cuenco

Never were brilliant ideas articulated by a beautiful voice.

Ask any old timer in Batasan, and Tony Cuenco's voice was the most beautiful to ever reverberate in the halls of the House. His was also one of the most brave. It was heard loud and clear during the era when contrarian voices were silenced and many were cowed into obedience.

Manong Tony was at his element when wielding the gavel as presiding officer. His voice was firm, but not brash. His ruling clear, in language that was concise. In the midst of heated debate, he breathed coolant into the microphone.

The statesman from Cebu represented a bygone era when people with clashing views can disagree without being disagreeable, when civility marked discourse.

Among congressmen, there were words galore in describing the beautiful voice of a braveheart - baritone, pang-DJ, but to me he was a voice of reason, decency and courage who amplified the yearnings of those without the voice and the power to be heard.

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