Press Release
July 27, 2020

On the 2020 State of the Nation Address

I think the President economized in spelling out his anti-pandemic program, which is what Filipinos were expecting to hear more from him.

He could have made it detailed and nuanced, in a language that is comforting, assuring and emphatic.

It scored low in the inspirational index. People were expecting a pep talk that will boost their morale, steel their resolve and will leave them to conclude, without a doubt, that indeed, we shall overcome.

To a people in need of hope and direction, he could have used that speech to ignite their fighting spirit and light the way forward for them.

The President gave Congress a long laundry list to work on. He should have also given marching orders to his men, especially those who are lagging behind in delivering programs to the people.

There are good new programs, like the Plant-Plant-Plant. But like existing ones, their proof is in the implementation. Oftentimes, excellent visions are cancelled by poor execution.

In this regard, Cabinet or sub-Cabinet changes should be explored, so that promises made can be fulfilled. It is one way of redeeming the pledges made during the fourth Monday of July. In the battle for national survival, we need the best men up the front.

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