Press Release
October 8, 2020

Sen. Leila's tweets / quick reactions re: UNHRC's reso on HR situation in PH, Duterte's trust rating and NICA Chief Monteagudo's "artistic expressions" remarks

On UNHRC's resolution...

There is blood in Duterte's hands and in every domestic mechanism that he has laid his hands on. It is imperative that we continue to assert our call for an independent international probe into the human rights crisis in our country.

#InvestigateDuterte #JusticeforEJKVictims

*** On Duterte's trust rating...

The latest Pulse Asia survey showed that Duterte still enjoys 91% trust rating. This, despite the four year-extension (and counting) of his "3 to 6 months" unfulfilled campaign promises, unabated extrajudicial killings, admission that he cannot stop corruption, repeated offers to resign, and his government's gross negligence and dismal response during the pandemic.

Kaya napapailing na lang talaga tayo. Dapat ka pa nga bang pagkatiwalaan kung sa termino mo, pinapalaya at nagpapakasasa ang mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno, at mas dumarami pa ang nagugutom, naghihikahos at nagkakasakit ngayong pandemya?


On Monteagudo's "artistic expressions of our people" remarks...

The Intel Chief attributing sharing of fake news to artistic expression is like Duterte saying the drug war is for his love of country.

Parehong baluktot mag-isip. Parehong sinungaling!


This regime arrested and jailed netizens who rightfully criticized them for their ineptitude.

Ngayong sila ang sinita ng mismong Facebook sa pagkakalat ng kasinungalingan, todo reklamo sila. Artistic expression kuno.

Fake news king na. Double standards king pa. Mga garapal!

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