Press Release
December 1, 2020

Statement of Senator Risa Hontiveros on World Aids Day 2020

We cannot let the COVID-19 pandemic derail all our efforts in our long fight against HIV-AIDS. Without proper access to testing and treatment, many could be spreading this incurable illness without even knowing it. It is our duty to ensure that this preventable sickness is contained, more so in a time of so much suffering.

The spike in HIV-AIDS cases and the simultaneous limitation of access to life-saving treatment reveals what a great injustice it is to malnourish our HIV-AIDS health services. As the author of the HIV and Aids Policy Act of 2018, I implore the government to fully implement and fund its programs to make sure we are not thrown back to square one. We need to make testing, early treatment and proper facilities accessible at all times, no matter the circumstances, so we can put an end to the HIV-AIDS epidemic once and for all.

I thank the NGOs, private sector and government agencies which during this time have distributed free medicine and test kits to many communities. It is crucial that we continue to work together to ensure everyone's right to health.

The Philippines must meet the challenge of saving and improving more lives, especially in times of adversity. We are able to do it, so we must. We owe this to our people.

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