Press Release
February 11, 2021

On the reported arrival of 600,000 Sinovac doses on Feb. 23

We should not demonize a vaccine because of its country of origin. Let science be the guide, not superstition.

If our scientists from UP and the FDA will say after thorough evaluation that it is good, then who are we to doubt their findings? Science is the light that will lead us out of pandemic darkness.

Knee-jerk reaction against anything Made in China does not help in the fight against Covid-19. And any doubt on any vaccine in particular fuels vaccine hesitancy in general.

That they have occupied some of our territories is another issue. We can contest one issue and cooperate on others. At kung bigay ang mga bakunang iyan, we should say 'Kung Hei Fat Choi and Maraming Salamat Po!'

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