Press Release
February 24, 2021


The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) partners with Angkas, the first and largest app-based professional motorcycle taxi service in the country to assist in the delivery of humanitarian interventions such as blood needs, first aid and other responses in relation to the fight against COVID-19.

"Our partnership with Angkas is a game-changer because this will further strengthen our reach and capacity to provide service to the most vulnerable - wherever and whenever it is needed. Every minute matters in life-saving and having quick access through the use of motorcycles and a network of trained volunteers will make a great difference," Chairman Gordon said.

A ceremonial signing of the memorandum of agreement will be held at the PRC Logistics and Multipurpose Center (PLMC) on February 24, 2021. The event will be attended by PRC Chairman and CEO Sen. Richard Gordon, Secretary General Ms. Elizabeth Zavalla, Assistant Secretary General for Programs and Services Ms. Christie Nalupta, and representatives from Angkas, Chief Transport Advocate and Co-founder Mr. George Royeca, and the Head of Operations Mr. David Medrana.

"We are greatly honored about our new partnership with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), which will enable us to contribute even more to our country's nation-building in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is congruent with our commitment to always be of support to the country and to be of service to the Filipinos," Angkas Chief Transport Advocate and Co-founder, Mr. George Royeca emphasized.

The partnership includes PRC membership program enrolment of all Angkas riders, employees, and family members. In line with this, Angkas riders will also become volunteers under the Red Cross 143 program.

The Angkas riders will receive first aid and CPR trainings, which will enable them to respond to road accidents and give immediate help, becoming emergency responders on the road even during disasters.

As PRC expands its sample collection sites in different malls, Angkas riders will be trained to do home service for saliva testing, making COVID-19 testing faster, more convenient, and accessible to those who are unable to leave their homes.

Angkas Exec Royeca further expressed that, "this development underscores the importance that we put in safeguarding the health, welfare, and safety of our partner bikers and the riding public. We are proud to partner with the premier global humanitarian organization that is the PRC for their proven quality life-saving services that protect the wellbeing, life, and dignity of every person, most especially in times of national disasters and medical emergencies such as this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Handa na pong tumulong ang ating mga kagulong!"

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