Press Release
March 5, 2021

Statement of Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon on the assassination attempt on human rights lawyer Angelo Karlo "AK" Guillen

I condemn in the strongest terms the assassination attempt on lawyer Angelo Karlo "AK" Guillen. The attempt on the life of Guillen sends a chilling effect on members of the legal profession - lawyers, judges and justices. When lawyers can no longer do their job freely and without fear of being killed, that is when the rule of law begins to weaken.

We should not let this horrific attack on members of the legal profession continue. Guillen's case should not just add to the strings of unresolved cases of killing of and assassination attempts on lawyers in the country. I urge the authorities to bring those responsible to justice.

The assassination attempt on Guillen is particularly disquieting in light of the issue on red-tagging. Guillen, a human rights lawyer, has been "red-tagged". His case lays the basis for the need for a stronger policy against red-tagging. Congress should provide sufficient remedies to protect the victims of red-tagging activities.

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