Press Release
March 30, 2021

Statement of Senator Joel Villanueva on the expediting tripartite agreements with the private sector on its vaccine procurement

Private sector has the money and the DOH-NTF's only equity is to speedily approve the tripartite agreement. Huwag na po sana natin ilagay sa 14-day quarantine ang mga private sector requests. Their offer should be treated like vaccines about to expire.

By injecting their workers with vaccines to protect them from the virus and save their lives, the private sector is also injecting life into the economy. Because of all kinds of economic stimulus, the best is still the vaccine.

And because procurement must be tripartite in accordance with the vaccination law we passed, any agreement outside tripartite means indemnification clause in the law won't apply, and that's additional cost for the private sector because they'll need to buy insurance.

Our appeal is for the government to encourage more private firms to procure vaccines for their workers, and a sign of good faith would be the expedited processing of tripartite agreements.

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