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July 25, 2021

MARINA partners with the Villars to vaccinate Pinoy seafarers

RECOGNIZING the advocacies of Sen. Cynthia A. Villar and daughter Las Pinas Rep. Camille Villar in helping our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), MARINA has partnered anew with them for the upcoming Moderna vaccination rollout for their seafarers.

In a letter, MARINA Administrator retired VADM Robert Empedrad of the AFP thanked the Villars for championing the cause of our seafarers especially for hosting the Pfizer inoculation of their seafarers last June 25 in the family-owned The Tent in South Global City, Las Pinas. A total of 1,086 seafarers were vaccinated.

"As the esteemed Sen. Cynthia Villar had perfectedly coined, our seafarers are the sustainers of global economy,' and thus, we wish to prioritize them with the necessary preparatory intervention for their overseas deployment so that they may contribute to sustain the world trade," Empedrad said in his letter.

Empedrad also pointed out that they are a step closer towards ensuring the safety and health of our modern-day heroes as well as their families and co-workers through this collaboration effort with the Villars.

Through the Villar SIPAG, Sen. Villar said they have been espousing on the rights and welfare of Filipino migrant workers. They annually hold OFW Summit to educate them to protect their hard-earned money, invest them wisely and grow their income. They are also being informed protection against human trafficking, illegal recruitment and investment scams.

The Villar SIPAG, also has been helping in the repatriation of our distressed OFWs and providing them invaluable assistance to start a new life in the country.

"We are always ready to help our OFWs especially those in the shipping sector who are the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic," said Villar.

Once fully vaccinated and protected, she stressed that our seafarers can return to their job which was disrupted due to the corona virus.

"They can go back to their ships and voyage and earn a living for their families. They are also protecting their families from potential infection in the process," also said Sen. Villar as she commended Filipino seafarers and their families for their contribution to the Philippine economy.

Despite the global health crisis, the country's maritime sector continued to deploy Filipino seafarers who remain in great demand for their skills and hard work. The Bureau of Immigration reported that it processed and cleared more than 112,000 seafarers who joined or left their ships last year.

Sen. Villar stressed the vaccination program for seafarers will ensure that our role as the world's leading provider of the best seafarers shall remain, much to the relief of our global traders.

The Department of Transportation said Filipino seafarers comprise 25% of the 1.5 million seafarers in the world.

MARINA or the Maritime Industry Authority is

an attached agency of the Department of Transportation responsible for integrating the development, promotion and regulation of the country's maritime industry.

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