Press Release
July 26, 2021

Poe reaction to SONA:

What we need now is the assurance that there will be jobs in the near future and food on the table. Our people are tired and hungry. What I believe we needed to hear was the plan moving forward. What's the plan to restore the dignity of our people and provide opportunities for their future?

I believe many were looking forward to hearing whether or not we will be able to afford another round of cash assistance. The assistance that was given before was merely enough to help some Filipino families through two months but this pandemic has gone on for over a year. If no new economic opportunities will present themselves, we need to know whether or not we'll be able to provide a third round of cash assistance, and how we'll go about sourcing the funds for our people.

As we continue to come to grips with this pandemic, it is of utmost importance that we settle our debts to the medical community. Our medical frontliners who have dedicated themselves to serving our people deserve to be compensated. And if we expect our hospitals to deliver medically, then we should also deliver financially. That is why I believe many wanted to hear what the President has to say about PhilHealth and when he plans to reimburse the medical community.

I also know many were interested in knowing how the President plans to go about the back-to-school program in September. For many of us, this is the first step back to normalcy. For our children, this is their chance to catch up on the learning and experiences they've missed out on with friends and teachers. But are we ready? Are the teachers vaccinated? Are the protocols in place? Will our children be safe?

Of course not everyone will be able to physically go back to school. What happens to them? We were hoping to hear about how the internet situation would be improved, or whether or not teachers and students would be compensated for the load they need to connect to class. Even in the midst of a pandemic, it's important that educationally, no one gets left behind.

As this is his last SONA, the President should not only have focused on what he has accomplished but rather what he still wishes to accomplish to safeguard the future of our country in terms of jobs, education, and healthcare. That in my opinion would leave a message of hope and a better legacy for our people.

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