Press Release
August 23, 2021

Poe on PhilHealth circular:

We urge PhilHealth and hospital groups to reach a middle ground to straighten out disagreements on the payments of claims.

PhilHealth must not resort to a sweeping mechanism that could further delay the settlement of legitimate obligations.

The well-being of PhilHealth members is on the line if the standoff will not be resolved.

As it is, a number of hospitals are reeling from financial distress due to unpaid claims, putting in peril their capacity to provide service to Filipinos covered by the state health insurance.

The delays or non-payment of claims are also sapping the resources of hospitals to pay their medical frontliners.

Alam na dapat ng PhilHealth ang trabaho nito. Hindi dapat maging rason ang katiwalian ng ilan sa pagdurusa ng mas nakakarami.

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