Press Release
August 31, 2021

(Domestic Administrative Adoption and Alternative Childcare Act)

Mr. President, just a very brief manifestation to express my happiness at the passage of this important piece of legislation. In this eighteenth Congress, we have accomplished many things, but I believe that we truly do God's work when we do it for the least, the last and the lost. Pag tayo ay nagtratrabaho para sa mga nahuhuli sa batas, sa mga nakakalimutan ng lipunan, sa mga nilugi ng tadhana.

Mayroon pa po bang mas nilugi ng tadhana sa mga ulila?

I wish to thank my colleagues in the Senate, and make special mention of Senator Pia Cayetano and Senator Grace Poe, whose Senate offices really worked with mine to craft the best possible legislation for orphans and adoptive parents. Also those who interpellated, amended and co-sponsored the measure - Senator Kiko Pangilinan, I was particularly moved by your joyful co-sponsorsorship speech; Senator Tol Tolentino, thank you for your legal insights that refined the provisions of the bill, Majority leader Migz Zubiri, thank you for prioritizing this measure in the agenda; and of course the Senate President, Senator Tito Sotto, your inputs during interpellation were valuable and your guidance until the very end truly appreciated.

Ngunit gusto ko magpasalamat higit sa lahat sa mga adoptive parents. You are this bill's inspiration, driving force and guiding light. You selflessly shared your experiences and difficulties with us, and these have made the bill richer. Hindi ko makakalimutan ang sabi ng isang adoptive parent na nakausap ko - "I do not like to think that I rescued my child. Because in fact, it was she who rescued me."

May more families come together and rescue each other because of our bill, Mr. President.

Salamat po.

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