Press Release
December 10, 2021

Statement of Senator Risa Hontiveros on Maria Ressa's Nobel Peace Prize

On the occasion of journalist Maria Ressa being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, I call on Filipinos to renew our own commitment to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy.

Maria's Nobel Peace Prize should be a reminder to us all that there can be no lasting peace without justice and no justice without truth.

Her win is a milestone, not just for the Philippines, but for all freedom-loving nations whose "fourth estate" are also under attack.

Over the years, Philippine democracy has been hit by terrible blows: the jailing of critics, killing of innocents, revision of history, ignoring human rights, and plundering of the nation's wealth. It will now take the commitment of a whole nation to flush out those who have harmed us and our future.

My fervent hope is that Maria's award will push many more Filipinos to finally take a stand on the right side of history.

So, let us not be afraid. Like Maria, we should keep our #CourageON.

For the sake of all the Filipinos who risk or have given their lives to keep Philippine democracy alive, we have to keep upholding the truth no matter what.

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