Press Release
April 12, 2022

Sen. Richard J. Gordon's message for Bar Exam Passers

Congratulations to the crop of new lawyers the country has produced after an arduous journey to the Bar Exams.

It has been a tough road but you have made it. This is only the first step but the obstacle you have hurdled is a major milestone indeed.

I urge the new lawyers to help remind the tens of thousands of barristers to pursue the truth and uphold justice in its very essence.

THE TRUTH IS NEEDED MORE THAN EVER AT A TIME WHEN DISINFORMATION IS PREVALENT. Impunity remains to be seen with the flagrant disregard of our laws and Constitution.

We fervently hope that you remain steadfast in helping defend the defenseless, ferret out the truth to build a stronger nation.

To those that did not make it, it is not the end of the world.

Let this minor setback be an inspiration to strive harder as some day you will soon be able to call yourself a full-fledged lawyer.

Let the shortcomings of the Philippine justice system pose as a challenge for the new lawyers and BE THE CHANGE WE HAVE ALL BEEN SEEKING!

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