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May 16, 2022


Senator Richard J. Gordon today welcomed the signing of Senate Bill (SB) 2376, which will set the term of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to a maximum of three years.

Gordon, one of the primary authors and co-sponsor of the bill, made an emphasis on the continuity and stability in AFP leadership for the defense and security of the country.

"We welcome the signing of SB 2376, because it eliminates the 'revolving door' policy in the appointment of key AFP officials, which was done not through merit but through patronage politics or palakasan," said Gordon on [insert day].

"Umaasa kami sa pamamagitan ng bagong batas na ito ay mas mapapalawig ang mga pagpipilian ng Pangulo sa pinaka-kwalipikado, at hindi sa mga paretiro lamang," he added.

Per the new law, it will now limit fixed three-year terms as well to the vice chief of staff; deputy chief of staff; major service commanders of the Philippine Army, Navy, and Air Force; unified command commanders, and inspector general.

Compulsory retirement age shall also be hiked from 56 to 59 years old, or an accumulation of 30 years in active service, whichever comes earlier for personnel ranked between second lieutenant to colonel.

For those assigned to a sensitive or key position, retirement shall come into effect upon completion of a fixed three-year tour of duty unless they go up the ladder within the AFP Table of Organization.

With the signing of the landmark measure, Gordon hopes that incoming Chiefs of Staff are fixated on instituting key programs ahead of their appointments.

"As defenders of our land, we desire to have military leaders that have vision for the improvement of our armed forces; changes need to be made because the status quo is clearly not working," remarked Gordon.

"I envision a more vibrant and successful operation of the AFP, as they could now enjoy more continuity, stability, and legacy of the country's military," he continued.

Furthermore, the law will now prohibit a retired or resigned military officer from being appointed to the Defense department within a year of their exit from the AFP.

During the initial hearing of the proposed law, Gordon pointed out that the average term of the AFP Chiefs of Staff have lasted for just about a year, way short of Southeast Asian neighbors.

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