Press Release
September 13, 2022

Co-sponsorship speech of Senator Loren Legarda on the Resolution Honoring the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos of 2022

Mr. President, Fellow members of this august chamber,

A new day of optimism and hope has dawned with the announcement of the Outstanding Filipinos of 2022 by the Metrobank Foundation. When Filipinos take pride in their work, forge paths for change, and persevere in the face of adversity, our spirits rise.

Our 10 Outstanding Filipinos of 2022 prove this to be true. Without a doubt, they are exemplary examples of today's educators, law enforcers, and men and woman in uniform.

To the awardees:

Junmerth C. Jorta;
Dr. Christine Joy D.R. Aguila, Ph.D.;
Dr. Leonila F. Dans, M.D., M. Sc.;
Dr. Mark Nolan P. Confesor, Ph.D.;
Police Executive Master Sergeant Rogelio A. Rodriguez Jr.;
Police Captain Rosalino E. Panlaqui;
Police Colonel Lambert A. Suerte;
Technical Sergeant Joel L. Tuganan PA;
Colonel Maria Victoria P. Juan NC; and
Colonel Stephen L. Cabanlet PN(M) (collectively, the "awardees"),

I commend and thank each and every one of you for the exceptional work that you have done and for your significant contributions to the cause of honest public service and responsible leadership. The Filipino people are lucky to have you.

I'd like to add my praise for the Metrobank Foundation's unwavering dedication to its stated mission of encouraging a culture of professionalism, excellence, and heroism. Keep being the force that motivates your fellow Filipinos to serve their country with the utmost dedication.

In light of the foregoing, Mr. President, this representation requests that the Senate adopt the Resolution honoring and commending the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos of 2022.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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